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Come enjoy some tasty beer and grab your Wiseacre swag…probably no dog collars like Ginger’s, though. She had to go to Memphis to get this one…

Three tasty beers, TBD…

However, we do know that we’ll have The REGULAR Pale ale on draft…here’s a quick description:
This is a regular beer made with regular ingredients. Only Mosaic hops–a totally normal, regular addition to beer–add the super-fruity papaya, green mango skin, bell pepper, citrus, peach and double-dank pocket-stank. Using the now regular method of dry-hopping to keep all these delicious aromas in the beer, we’ve made a very standard American Pale Ale with no special ingredients or special processes. However, since we so often make beers with special ingredients or special processes, this beer’s regular-ness is what makes it special.


May 23
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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